The Joy Ladder Mini-Course

The Joy Ladder Mini-Course will help you find your way out of victim mentality and take back your power to experience joy without feeling a constant struggle. You’ve experienced discouragement, self-judgement and unhappiness long enough. Get The Joy Ladder Mini-Course NOW, and start making change happen TODAY. You’re worth it!


I’ve created a 3 step process I call The Joy Ladder that walks you through improving your thinking patterns and adding more beneficial thoughts and habits so you can experience more joy in your everyday life.

The Joy Ladder will allow you to:

  • Start where you are and take one small step at a time in the direction you’d like to go
  • Begin to leave behind victim mentality and take your power back
  • Become more aware of your current thinking patterns
  • Add in positive thoughts and start to make them a part of who you are
  • Focus your energy on things you can actually do something about
  • See things through a different lens
  • Transform thoughts that don’t serve you into ones that do
  • Become more grateful and content
  • Discover what it is that really brings you joy
  • Add more of it to your life on a regular basis


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The Joy Ladder Workbook

Reprogram Your Life for Effortless Joy

Change How You See Things in 3 Simple Steps

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