Online Group Joyfulness Mentoring

Expand Your Power to Choose Joy

Do you Feel Lost and Alone on Your Journey to Joy?

  • Do you struggle figuring out how to apply the tools you’ve learned?
  • Overwhelmed trying to decide which tools to use when?
  • Like you’re wandering around with a map you don’t know how to use?
  • Are you frustrated at how slow your progress seems?

  • You wonder when the changes you’re trying to make are going to feel natural and automatic?

  • You wish you could find an encouraging community to support you along your way?
  • You wish there was someone to take you by the hand, guide you and show you the way?

I've got Your Back!

Introducing Joyfulness Mentoring

Coaching and Support to Lead You Back Into the Light

Shift Your Mindset

Learn to shift your perspective, focus and thinking patterns in your real-life situations.

Experience Greater Joy

Begin experiencing intentional joy each day in simple, meaningful ways.

Connect With Others

Feel connected, supported and encouraged as you connect with others on the same journey.

Joyfulness Mentoring Can Help you Reclaim Your Joy!

Step 1

Enroll below.

Step 2

Join the group, introduce yourself and put the calls on your calendar.

Step 3

Participate in the calls and the challenges, ask questions, start practicing the tools–and embark on your journey to a happier life!

Here's What You Get!

Monthly Video Trainings

Each month I'll share another tool to help you intentionally create a happier life through shifting your mindset, managing your emotions, becoming more present and choosing to find the joy in each day.

Challenges & Accountability

As I guide you personally through the tools that have helped to transform my life and bring me out of the dark hole and back into the light, I'll also offer challenges to help you expand your growth and apply that month's teaching in practical ways.

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Every month you'll have the opportunity to participate in a group Joyfulness Mentoring call, where you can get answers to your questions and learn from watching others be coached or be coached yourself.

An Interactive Online Community

You will be a part of a like-minded community of people who are on the same journey as you. Learn from and cheer each other on in one another's struggles and experiences, ask and receive answers to your questions, and give and receive support and encouragement.

Hi, I'm Chele!

I want to help you Reclaim Your Joy!

I Believe

you have the ability to rediscover a life of Joy, Peace and Happiness! All you need are the right tools to help you shift your thought patterns and focus, and a beautiful transformation can take place.

I Know

you are struggling right now. It can be hard to find your way out of the dark hole of feeling not-enough, discouraged, and not knowing how to find your way back to the light.

I Want

to give you a hand up – to share tools to help you take back control of your happiness – to give you a ladder to begin to climb out of that dark hole, one small step at a time, and reclaim your JOY!

This is not your typical Coaching

This Is Mentoring for the Soul

Most Coaching

Joyfulness Mentoring

Joyfulness Mentoring Group

Embrace Your Worth ~ Reclaim Your Joy!
$ 39
  • Monthly Video Trainings
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Challenges, Accountability and Bonuses
  • An Interactive, Online Community

Is Joyfulness Mentoring Right For Me?




What is Joyfulness Mentoring?

Joyfulness Mentoring is all about:

  • exploring new perspectives and possibilities
  • learning to examine your thoughts and create new ones that serve you better
  • shifting your focus away from problems outside of you and toward solutions you can create within yourself
  • tools for managing stress and letting go of negative emotions
  • adding empowering practices and tools into your life
  • seeing, believing internalizing your individual value and worth
  • learning self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • the transformational power of gratitude
  • choosing and creating more joy in your everyday life

How much time will I want to spend on this each month?

Each month there will be a video training that will vary in length depending on the topic, probably averaging around 20 minutes. Sometimes I may just post a video, and sometimes I may make it a live call with opportunity for interaction.


There will also be a one-hour group mentoring call, which will be recorded so you can watch it later if the time doesn't work for you.


There is no requirement to participate in the challenges; they are an extra bonus to help those who want to participate. How much time you spend participating in the calls, asking questions and interacting in the group is totally up to you.


The most important thing is that you take care of yourself, practice self-compassion and do what works best for you. I don't want you ever to consider yourself "behind" in anything; consider the possibility that you will get exactly what you need at the time you need it.

How much time will I need to spend each day on applying what I learn and creating new habits?

Some of the tools I will share might take a few minutes each morning or evening. Most are changes that you incorporate into what you're already doing, so won't take much extra time at all. It's more a matter of shifting your thoughts and your focus. 

How long before I can expect to see a change in how I feel?

If you approach these new habits wholeheartedly, you may discover that you're noticing differences in as little as a few days.


Please note that I am not a medical provider or trained counselor and am not qualifed to give medical advice. I am simply sharing things that have made a difference in my own life. 


If you are experiencing depression that is not helped by making these changes, you may find additional benefit by seeking the advice of a qualified professional, as well. I personally have found tremendous benefit in this when I needed it.

How can I expect things to change when my situation does not change?

This is a really important question, and one that I used to ask myself. When I was unwilling or unable to see that I could choose what to think and how to respond to the stressors in my life, I was stuck. It wasn't until I became open to those possibilities that I was ready to make the necessary changes. But when I did, I experienced a dramatic shift in my life and my happiness, even though nothing else about my situation changed.

Can I get my money back if this doesn't work for me?

No. This is an educational program; results are not guaranteed. You are paying for the information, and that is not refundable. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time.

What if I decide I want to take my results to the next level?

I also do one-on-one Joyfulness Mentoring. Click HERE to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see if this is a good fit.

If you're ready for a more immersive in-person experience, click HERE or HERE to get on the waiting list for my next retreat!

How can I contact you about speaking to my group/on my podcast?

I welcome opportunities to share the tools I've learned that have helped me to embrace my worth and find greater joy in my life! You can reach me at

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